Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Lariat


$ 2,725.00 

  • Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Lariat
  • Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Lariat
  • Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Lariat
  • Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Lariat
  • Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Lariat

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 Tree of Gold x Zofia Day Collaboration:

Every woman has a Queen that shines her brilliant light in the mirror of self-acceptance. As your Queen beams her truth with grace and poise, she gives you freedom to express your heart of passions. Love becomes the language of your soul and beauty the celebration of your life.

Tree of Gold and Zofia Day Jewelry bring together a most unique dance of wisdom and elegance in the Queen’s Lariat. Both founders in collaboration, desire to inspire women around the world to journey to their highest sense of self. In that reflection the gold chain is the spine and the apple is the return to feeling whole. The heart is the freedom to express love and the diamonds are the shining rays of the light of our soul. The jewel’s gold bar is our wand of perception and the innate ability to heal those around us and ourselves.

The Queen’s Lariat accompanies your woman to a bridge of evolved mindset. There, exists a Queendom that has a magical garden called life. Your woman plants the seeds of desires, hopes and dreams and waters them with self-love. Soon, only blooms adorn your crown.

Gold Chain….. Queen’s self-acceptance

Golden Apple…..voice of truth

Pave Diamond Heart….freedom of passions

Diamond Pave Bar…..soul’s light

Solid Gold Bar…….wand of perception